Mark Anderson was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1973. He moved and settled in Vancouver, BC in 1992. At ten years old, Mark discovered skateboarding. With the emergence of his new passion (in an age when skateboarding was very dead and very uncool), he quickly discovered the underground skate culture and the complimentary subcultures of punk, hip-hop, graffiti, surf and street art. During his teen years, Mark fell in love with skate graphics, magazine and editorial layout, graphic design and pop art which lead to his passion to become a commercial artist and also worked as a scenic artist in the film industry creating motion picture sets and environments. At this time Mark was creating graphics, illustrations and artwork for commercial clients and contributing photography and writing to several skateboarding publications. Around this time Mark took to painting and found he enjoyed working with the figure and portraiture. The result of this spawned an interest to paint his award winning “Tradesmen and Blue Collared workers” series which he showcased at “Painting on the Edge” an international juried exhibition hosted by the Federation of Canadian Artists which he won the “emerging artist award”. This series also was showcased in China and Korea. Mark went on to present various solo and group shows during the next few years. 

Today, Mark is pursuing public art and mural painting as part of his practice. Still working with a figurative nature to the pieces, he enjoys the growth of painting in a large scale and the vulnerably of art making in front of the public. He is currently on the roster with the City of Vancouver & Richmond as a mural artist. Mark is also continuing to work in the studio creating figurative gallery pieces with intimate introspection into his subject’s private contemplations. Mark feels his working style is based in “responding”. This “response” is intuitive communication and visual dialog between the subject and the validation of what the subject is saying or presenting.

As Mark is a widely diverse artist. His portfolio is a vast array of techniques and approaches that, though incongruent, have a familiar, playful and relational intimacy with the subject. Moving forward, Mark will continue with his figurative mural work and his studio practice and plans to show work locally and internationally.



​2014 - "GALATIANS 5:19 - PART 2", Chapel Arts, Vancouver BC
2011 - “The Blue Show” El Barrio, Vancouver BC
2009 - "Future Primitive" Ayden Gallery, Vancouver BC
2008 - "GALATIANS 5:19", Chapel Arts, Vancouver BC
2008 - "The Cheaper Show 8", Vancouver BC
2008 - "INQ", Valacey, Vancouver BC, Canada
2008 - "Hearsay", Wayne on Main, Vancouver BC
2007 - "Hands Across The Pacific", Gimcheon Culture and arts Center, Gimcheon,

              Korea & Shanghai, China
2007 - "Human Figure" Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2007 - "Merge" Ayden Gallery, Vancouver BC
2007 - "The Great and Happy Return", Chapel Arts, Vancouver BC
2006 - "Divine Play" Ayden Gallery, Vancouver BC
2006 - "Autumn Invitational Show" Federation Gallery. Vancouver BC
2006 - "Painting on the Edge" Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC
2006 - "Hands Across The Pacific", Gimcheon Culture and Arts Center, Gimcheon,

              Korea & Shanghai, China
2006 - "The Spontaneity Show" Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC
2006 - "Cheaper Than A One Night Stand" Soho Cafe, Vancouver BC
2006 - "Exploring The Series" Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC
2006 - "Switch Glance" Slam City Gallery, Vancouver BC
2005- "Painting on the Edge" Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC
2005 - "Randumbs" Slam City Gallery, Vancouver BC
2004 - "Holy Moly" Ink Bomb Gallery, Vancouver BC
2004 - "SLAM!!!" Slam City Gallery, Vancouver BC

2019 - Mount Seymour Ski Resort, Commission, Vancouver, BC
2019 - HAVE YOU SEEN THEM, Vancouver, BC,​ (Public Art / Mural Design &                             Application) 

2018 - Kitsch Skateboards, Vancouver, BC, (Graphic Design and Illustration)
2017 - Gastown Ghost Sign Mural, Vancouver, BC, (Georgie Award - Finalist), (Mural             Design & Application)
2016 - Tamanawis Secondary, Surrey School Board, Surrey, BC, (Public                                     Consultation, Mural Design & Application)
2016 - Foundation Restaurant Mural, (Public Art / Mural Design & Application) 
2015 - I (HEART) CULTURE, Steveston, BC, (Live Painting Event, Mural Design &                    Application)
2015 - BC Hydro, Vancouver BC, (Broadway/Commercial Skytrain) "State of The                   Art", (Public Art / Mural Design & Application) 
2014 - Van Doren Invitational, ​Vancouver, BC, Professional Skateboard                                   Competition / (Public Art / Mural Design & Application) 
2014 - Trout Lake Little League, Vancouver BC, (Public Art / Public Consultation,                   Mural Design & Application) 
2014 - Jesse Zaraska (Author) (Book Cover Illustration)
2014 - Sid Dickens, Vancouver, BC, (Mural Design and Application) 
2013 - Penthouse Nightclub, Vancouver, BC, Exterior Decorative Heritage                               Restoration, (Branding, Mural Design & Application)
2013 - Emerald Restaurant, Vancouver, BC, (Interior Design, Floor Mural, Branding)
2012 - Penthouse Nightclub, Vancouver, BC, Interior Decorative Heritage                               Restoration (Graphic Design, Branding, Interior Design)
2012 - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC, (Decorative Heritage Restoration)
2011 - New-Line Skateparks, (Kensington Skatepark), Vancouver, BC, (Mural Design             & Application)
2010 - The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC, (Decorative Heritage Restoration,                         Proscenium, Theatre Ceiling & Lobby Restoration)


2019 - City of Richmond, BC (City Mural Roster 2019-2021)
2006 - Award of Excellence - The Spontaneity Show", Federation of Canadian                       Artists, Vancouver BC, Canada
2005 - Peggy Evans Emerging Artist Award -"Painting on the Edge", Federation of                 Canadian Artists. Vancouver BC, Canada


2014 - Inside Vancouver Magazine,  “Showing up for Street and Graffiti Art in                         Vancouver”
2005 - 2014 - Art Avenue Magazine, Seven issues, various works.
2006 - "State of The Art" Magazine (Spring Issue)

2001 - Present: Owner/Operator of Dynamo Designs Inc.
2004 - 2006: Curator, Slam City Jam Art Gallery and Lounge ,Vancouver BC, Canada
1999 - Present: Professional Creative Director/Commercial Artist/Scenic Artist
1993 - Present: Motion Picture Scenic Artist (I.A.T.S.E. 891)

1998-2000 - Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design
1995-1996 - Langara Collage, Vancouver (Fine Arts)
2003- 2007 - BCIT, Burnaby, BC

Mark Anderson
Instagram: @markie_anderson